ACTOR : How to Live an Authentic Life


ACTOR : How to Live an Authentic Life

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Title: ACTOR : How to Live an Authentic Life
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Join the 'Mystery School' for your first week of learning and explore the most fascinating story and mystery of all: you! Bring your curiosity and enthusiasm, and prepare to open your mind. Learn, over five days, how to observe your life from an artist's point of view, and meet the real face behind the actors mask. Discover how you are the main character in every story you've ever told about yourself, and how to view the human drama as a whole, as well as the role you play in it. Develop your awareness of human thinking and behaviour as each lesson brings you a step closer to wisdom and awareness, and begin to step away from the 'roles' you play and reclaim your authenticity. Every one of us is a transforming work of art, and underneath all the theatrics, the truth waits to be illuminated.

Peep behind the stage curtains, and embrace the show that is life!

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