CARBON DEMOCRACY : Political Power in the Age of Oil


CARBON DEMOCRACY : Political Power in the Age of Oil

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ISBN: 9781804292495
Title: CARBON DEMOCRACY : Political Power in the Age of Oil
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In this magisterial study, Timothy Mitchell rethinks the history of energy, bringing into his grasp environmental politics, the struggle for democracy, and the place of the Middle East in the modern world.

With the rise of coal power, the producers who oversaw its development acquired the ability to shut down energy systems, a threat they used to build the first mass democracies. Oil offered the West an alternative, and with it came a new form of politics. Oil created a denatured political life the central object of which the economy appeared capable of infinite growth. What followed was a Western democracy dependent on an undemocratic Middle East. We now live with the consequences- an impoverished political practice, incapable of addressing the crises that threaten to end the age of carbon democracy namely, the disappearance of cheap energy and the carbon-fuelled collapse of the ecological order.
For the updated edition of this classic title, Timothy Mitchell has written a new preface, reassessing its arguments in the light of recent political events.

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