LISTEN : How To Find The Words For Tender Conversations


LISTEN : How To Find The Words For Tender Conversations

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Title: LISTEN : How To Find The Words For Tender Conversations
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From the bestselling author of With the End in Mind, a book about the hardest conversations we have in life and how to do them right – honestly and without regret.

A child coming out to their parent. A family losing someone to terminal illness. A friend noticing the first signs of someone's dementia. A career's advisor encouraging a teenager to pursue their interests and stay out of trouble.

There are moments when we must talk, listen and be there for one another. Why do we so often come away from those times feeling like we could have done more, or should have been braver in the face of discomfort? Why do we skirt the conversations that might matter most?

By bringing together deeply moving stories with a lifetime's experience working in medicine and the newest psychology, Mannix offers lessons for how we can better speak our mind and help when others need to.

There is probably a conversation that you are currently avoiding having. This is a book to help you have it, to help you be there for others, to help you ask for what you want and need, to help you be less unsure in the face of change and challenge.

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