MEDUSAS ANKLES : Selected Stories


MEDUSAS ANKLES : Selected Stories

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ISBN: 9781529112993
Title: MEDUSAS ANKLES : Selected Stories
Author: BYATT A S
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A luminous single-volume selection of short stories from the Booker prize-winning imagination of A. S. Byatt

A luminous selection of short stories from the prize-winning imagination of A. S. Byatt


Mirrors shatter at the hairdressers when a middle-aged client explodes in rage. Snow dusts the warm body of a princess honing it into something sharp and frosted. Summer sunshine flickers on the face of a smiling child who may or may not be real.

Medusa's Ankles celebrates the very best of A. S. Byatt's short fiction, carefully selected from a lifetime of writing. Peopled by artists, poets and fabulous creatures, the stories blaze with creativity and travel from Ancient myth to an English sweet factory, a Chinese restaurant to a Mediterranean swimming pool, a Turkish bazaar to a fairytale palace.

Driven by curiosity, Byatt takes her readers beyond the veneer of the ordinary and the gloss of the fantastical, to a place rich in ideas, vivid in colour and wholly unforgettable.

'A cabinet of curiosities... Glitteringly beautiful. Byatt is a vivid colourist' Sunday Times

'A cerebral extravaganza, bristling with ideas' Spectator

'These little stories by one of Britain's foremost grandes dames of the writing world are a delightful surprise, packing a much greater punch than many full-length novels... They are moving, thought-provoking, witty and shocking all at once' Sunday Telegraph

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